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Why So Serious

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Why so serious is a part of the Rareformz 3D Mech collection. The design on this signature pair of Rareformz boxer briefs is a reminder that life does not have to be so serious all the time. We as human beings, need to blow off a little steam from time to time. Whether it's B-boyin or babes we need a release of energy — creative and otherwise. At RareForm we want to remind You that it's OK to let the beast out when you are wearing your Rareformz.

Like Ryan says:
"When the bass hits, the moon is full and the temperature rises, what emerges from the streets beneath is the rarely seen form of stylish street art hidden in your pants…"

Fabric : 87% polyester 13% spandex

The four-way stretch material is a polyester spandex blend, which means it's moisture wicking and flexible. They don’t lose shape or ride up. They do what they're supposed to do: look good and feel even better. These silky smooth boxer briefs will never crack or fade. This awesome design is embedded into the fabric through a process that makes these boxers easy to care for and comfortable to wear. In addition, we have added a hidden condom pocket for those who keep it sexy and safe.


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