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A Brief History of B-Boy

When we think B-boy, we generally think about headspins and insane power moves. But B-boying has a very diverse history influenced by underground culture.   The B is for Break A break is a section of a song that “breaks” away from the musical form, usually resulting in hard driving percussive rhythms. This was the section that dancers would pull out their most impressive steps and moves. Traditionally, breaks were fairly short, so DJs adjusted. Kool DJ Herc is most well known for extending these breaks by using two turntables and going back and forth with two copies of the same song, allowing the dancers a longer “break-down.” This gave the perfect opportunity for a dance-off known as Breaking Battles....

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Introducing RareForm Underwear’s New Mesh Suit!

Now we know that suits aren’t usually everyone’s cup of tea. But we’ve got a something that just may change that. You may not be wearing it to your girlfriend’s cousin’s winter wedding (although we’d love it if you did!), but you might just be wearing it everywhere else. Crazy comfortable. Our new Mesh Suit is a stylish two piece set. It is made of a 4-way stretch polyester mesh, making it ultra-smooth, breathable and quick drying. The entire suit was designed for maximum comfort, so every movement is a silky smooth one. But don’t condemn this incredible suit to just the bedroom or lazy Sunday mornings. The RareForm Mesh suit is amazingly comfortable before, during and after your daily...

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What Makes RareForm Underwear So Special?

You're here on Ryan's site to check out RareForm Underwear, but what’s the big deal? Sure It looks dope, but there is so much more to this product. RareForms are made with both innovation and art in mind. Innovation Working up a sweat while you’re working on a new routine? Now that you’ve found RareForm, you don’t have to worry about your underclothes any longer. This underwear is made of a four-way stretch polyester spandex blend, making them incredibly flexible and moisture wicking. They also keep their shape and won’t ride up, so the only high notes you’ll be hitting is with your style. Those awesome designs aren’t going anywhere either; our underwear will not crack or fade. The designs...

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